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For solitary Wiccans, the path to initiation—and even the terminology associated with it—is less clear cut. A ritual of self-dedication may resemble aspects of a coven initiation to varying degrees, but because solitary Witches can design and perform this ritual in any way they like, it is a fundamentally different experience. Self-dedication happens strictly on your own terms.

Although this is a very different experience from that of a coven initiation, there are still important parallels on the journey to this milestone on your path. Once you feel ready to take steps toward initiation, you can start thinking about what this ritual will look like for you.

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Both of these classic books provide plenty of practical information, including detailed rituals for self-dedication that you can follow to the letter, if you wish. But you can still set yourself a course of study to follow as you work your way toward the point where you feel ready for initiation. You may want to piece your process together from various sources, possibly including some details from your own inspiration.

Or, you might invent one entirely from scratch. Just know that the details are less important than your sincere desire to formalize your commitment to the Wiccan way of life. You can even ask the Goddess and God to help you choose your best approach. There are Witches who have practiced all their lives without undergoing initiation, and plenty of initiated ones who lost interest in Wicca down the road.

It's a shame that films in this genre promote the ideal that this is all "myth", but this film does the opposite. Some day maybe the mainstream religions of today will be what's referred to as myths. Mist Of Avalon NA Popular book turned film, this movie is possibly the single most important movie for any Pagan family movie collection. This film shows a more realistic version of the King Arthur story and glorifies in very accurate account, all Goddess worship. It even accurately depicts the acceptance the Old Religion had towards the new religion of christianity, and how christianity down trotted the Goddess.

The morals found in this story are terrific and attest to the purveyance of Goddess no matter how the new religion tries to destroy it. If biblical stories can be claimed to be true history, then I formally decree this story to be the absolute truth and is a chapter direct from the Witches Gospel. THIS is the greatest story ever told. Also titled "Conqueror Worm", It's about a Witchfinder who's brutal job is to force confessions out of all who are suspected of being Witches.

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Nothing short of Nazi Germany's Gestapo. This movie is included in this list because it shows the true persecution of Witches in Europe during the middle ages and all the horrors they had to endure. Anti-Pagan groups like to say "None of them were really Witches" but back then all citizens were automatically deemed christians by the church… and if you didn't agree, you were put to death. A hero born of the Gods, just as many others, embarks on a quest to win the princess Andromeda, save the city of Joppa and claim it's throne.

You don't get more Pagan that the Old Gods of Greece. In a remake of this movie was shown in theatres but it lacked the luster and positive message this film has. Here the movie followed the actual Greek legends where Gods are portrayed as being of emotions that shift, but still seeking man's joy and govern all with unchallengeable power.

The remake portrayed them as petty, squabbling men who needed man more than man needed them. She begins right away with helping people starting with the local sheriff's children. Naturally she is immediately persecuted by the mayor's wife, Martha, who also heads the town christian civic league.

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Martha conspires to hurt Cassandra every way she can and uses her political pull to achieve it. Cassandra maintains a serene nature through it all, even after Martha's sons destroy her shop. In the end the true villain is realized by all, leaving Cassandra to continue her new life in the town as a peaceful and loved member.

This is a fantastic movie for the whole family that portrays Witches in a loving and caring nature with strong family values and close, understanding friendships. Black Death R I was on the fence about adding this one to this list but the depiction of the persecution of Witches, especially during the bubonic plague, was all too powerful to pass off. In this film you see the cruelty handed to people who didn't except christianity and continue to practice the old ways.

Although I was disappointed by the ending, I felt the Witch in this film was fully justified in lieu of the horrific treatment of her family and fellow villagers by the blood thirsty christian knights. The Gift R This is a somber film about Annabelle, a widow and her two boys living in the south. A loving mother, good friend to the local woman and sympathetic ear to local lunatic, Buddy, She makes her living doing card readings and uses her psychic ability to help solve a murder case involving Donnie, a highly abusive and dangerous christian extremist who persecutes, stalks and threatens the lives of her and her children for being a Witch.

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While she never owns up to the title in the movie, she neither denies it. This is because Witches are so persecuted in the bible belt that coming out of the broom closet would have lead more people like Donnie to attack her as well. In the end her psychic ability and a little help from the beyond brings the murder to justice. Bewitched PG13 Secretly a sequel to the successful TV series that ran from , this film and the inspiring series belong in this list for the groundbreaking work it did to fight the "evil witch" myth.

As expected this story makes Witches into immortal beings immortality is a christian obsession and magic into complete fantasy, but the entire Bewitched franchise still provides a Witch family portrayed in a positive way, that has faith in the Craft, strong Pagan family values and strength of character.

And in this movie specifically, Isabel and Jack separate after forming a love relationship due to Jack's ego and misunderstanding of Witches. But in the end love pulls through for the two. Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark PG13 A campy, spooky and raunchy comedy that only Elvira can deliver, this film uses the same plot as before where a woman finds out she comes from a line of Witches. Elvira inherits a house and a book of spells and potions from her Great Aunt.

But the local christian civic league waste no time in persecuting her and attempt to drive her out of town. Hilarity ensues as she fights back against the underhanded christian civic league leader and her gang. But it doesn't take long before she's tied to a stake and they are holding the torch, hungry for burnt human flesh. In the end the town is saved by her powers of Witchcraft and a shape-shifting familiar, Gonk. The Wizard Of Oz NA This classic film from the golden age of Hollywood was the first movie ever to depict a neutral view of Witches albeit, a misunderstood one.

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She is a beautiful, gracious and kind person with a never ending smile. She even takes the time to educate Dorothy and the audience that not all Witches are bad and she has been quoted on the bumper sticker "Are you a good Witch, or a bad Witch? You'd be lucky to find it anywhere unless they decide to release it on DVD. The photo is a scan of my own copy.

As you can see they packaged Witches with Bigfoot But I was rather surprised with this. They interview none other than Laurie Cabot and show some of her practices. The back description shows promise and was what caused me to obtain this. This movie is on the fence for me. It portrays Witchcraft in a very neutral position but I added it because I felt there was elements that were redeemable.

Bored housewife and new empty nester, Joan, is plagued by nightmares of masked intruders seeking to rape her. It's these nightmares that lead her to accidentally shoot her husband when he returns home unexpectedly in the middle of the night. But the fact remains that little of this aspect of the story is relevant to her newly found interest in Witchcraft.

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  8. It didn't matter what the person's religion was, anyone could have made the fatal mistake. It was however, commendable that Joan dove right into the Craft and even argues that one needs to take it as something more than "fun and games". One thing I applauded this film for is it shows a true Gardnerian initiation ritual. Poltergeist PG When a barrage of strange paranormal events threaten the Freeling family, they enlist the help of paranormal investigators who also bring in a clairvoyant, Tangina. I included this film in the list because paranormal investigation and clairvoyance is by its very definition, necromancy.

    It also borders on alchemy. Communing with the dead is a practice that has long been around since the dawn of man, and has also been shunned by christianity and deemed "blasphemous", "evil" and my favorite "satanic". But Paganism on the other hand freely excepts this practice and reveres it as a practice no more evil than praying.

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    4. And even after Diana Freeling prays christian prayers, it was necromancy that answered. Poltergeist 2 PG13 The Freelings are being bothered once again by the malevolent forces that seek to steel their youngest daughter, Carol Anne. This time the poltergeist manifest itself as the doomed death cult leader Kane. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Please call in cleansing.

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